Mayweather vs Mcgregor Who Has Better Gaming Keyboard?

We’ve been to both of these amazing fighers homes, and we anaylsed their gaming setups. We know both of these guys enjoy fighting and although one prefers boxing and the others prefers UFC, they still play video games and enjoy the whole gaming scene.

Gaming supports the whole sports industry, as famous sporting stars can have games made around them, or the games can be made around the sport. A gaming keyboard is key for this as it is often used for games like Street Fighter, or others.

A gaming keyboard is also very important when it comes to most our own PC gaming, it is very important that are gaming keyboard is mechanical. When you don’t have a mechanical keyboard, you often run into ghosting issues and many other problems such as a lack of keys being pressed in a certain time frame.

Mayweather has vouched for a Corsair gaming keyboard, and says that he prefers those the most, the brand has also backed Mayweather Promotions which are known to promote the fights that Mayweather attends.

McGregor is a bit different and has instead stated that he much prefers Logitech gaming keyboards, these might not be as efficient as the more common Corsair ones, but they are still good. They can almost be compared with UFC and Boxing, although both are sports and both are based around fighting and landing a KO, they are still different. Boxing may be seen as inferior in some aspects due to the lack of variety of movement and fighting, however some see it as more skill based.

We hope to see both of these fighters boost their gaming arsenal, and improve on their movement in the ring alongside the virtual game world. We think that gaming is really improving and the games that are coming out nowadays are much better than the older ones.